Automate Your Forecasting

Forecast Method is a Google Sheets add-on that automates sales & marketing forecasting for business KPIs and marketing spend

It's Easy to Install & Use

Install the Add-On >> Input Data >> "Enable Add-on" >> "Run Forecast" >> Done

Transform raw daily data

Into a more insightful view
(Psst… We’re not designers, so you can reference these calculations into a better formatted spreadsheet)

Use Cases

Forecast Method can help you forecast your weekly, monthly, quarterly business KPIs using different forecasting techniques so you can pick the forecasting technique most appropriate for your business.

Forecast Visits & Leads

Leverage Forecast Method to help you forecast next month’s or next quarter’s visits and leads using historical data. 

Forecast Marketing Spend

Track marketing spend and ad platform pacing so you never go over budget again. Forecast Method will adapt its weekly and monthly forecasts based on daily spend trajectory.

Forecast Sales

Get insights on projected sales with Forecast Method’s ability to leverage historical data and adjust to daily sales trends.

Got a Use Case? Let us know!

Forecast Method can be used in a variety of ways as long as the daily metrics its forecasting aren’t too volatile from day-to-day.